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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marketing That Matters

There was a recent article in Ad Age about an agency committed to Marketing That Matters. Their point-of-view is that the new marketing demands more than telling and selling to consumers who are tired of being bombarded with one-way messages. Based on the changing priorities of the consumer, driven in part by events taking place around the globe – they believe that cause needs to be baked-in to all marketing programs.

I'd suggest that "marketing that matters" first begins with a more expansive brand framework and appreciation of your potential to engage, inspire and guide. That to unleash the full potential of your brand, you must have a wider view of your prospective place in your consumers world. Given the myriad ways that brands can touch consumers, and the myriad ways that consumers proactively interact and can steer the fate of brands, we must do more to ensure our brands' relevancy.

Beyond products and services, brands should impart knowledge and insight. That knowledge is out there anyway in the vastness of the web, but why not take the leadership role among your peers to organize and be the "beacon" that consumers turn to for their guidance. Consider what Dove has accomplished:

• As an adjunct to its selling efforts, the brand has become an authoritative expert on beauty - facilitated by a site that has become a destination for product and category information.

• It has become a brand that fulfills relationships; creating communities of "like" consumers who aspire to connect with others like them. Through Their Campaign For Real Beauty, it's united millions of women from around the globe.

Never has there been more opportunity for brands to step up, reach out and engage on all three levels. Particularly for health + healthy lifestyle brands whose very existence is inherently more important to consumers.

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