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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Promising Signs For The Relaunch Of A Global Healthcare Brand

We're relaunching a global cardiac safety brand in the next couple of months. To begin to educate and engage inside, we just had our first internal session yesterday with Brand Ambassadors (those people - who based on Senior Leadership input - represent each department within the organization and who will be the lead liaison between employees and their new brand).

It's one thing to get Board and Senior Leadership sign-off on brand direction. But you really find out if you nailed it when those on the front-lines feel like they are one with the new brand. When they can see themselves in the new brand idea. When they're inspired and motivated by it. When it's aspirational, but within their grasp.

To a person, our Brand Ambassadors left our session with a stronger connection to the organization and to each other. They're fully engaged and on board. And are excited that they get to carry the torch for new brand. Yesterday was a great day. And now the hard work starts.


  1. I always find getting people "on board" is the hardest part of any re-brand. The logo, the positioning, the voice are inconsequential if Miriam in accounting is not part of the movement.

  2. It was truly so great to see our client's Brand Ambassadors react to and embrace their new branding. You know you hit a sweet spot when everyone around the room can tell you in their own words what the new brand means to them in context of their role within the organization. I hope the Brand Ambassadors continue to support the organization in educating about the new brand, because as Eric said, this is where the hard work starts.