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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Promotional partners to help brand dollars go farther

Dollars are scarce. Value (added-value) is high on your customers list. Brand-enhancing promotional partners are one way to make marketing dollars work harder - helping you garner attention, boost image and and drive sales.

Some considerations:

• start with your consumer - about how you can surprise and delight them
• the simpler the better - they should see it and get it immediately
• your partner should make sense - for your customer and for your brand
• your organization-fit needs to make sense – as you'll need to work closely together
• retailers need to think it makes sense - so get their buy-in before you're too far down the road
• what are measures of success - both image and impact, and agree up-front
• are there any other third-party participants/sponsors - that can provide additional spin

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