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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Health + Healthy Lifestyle Brands On Twitter

This is a big list compiled by Paul Dunay from BearingPoint of brands using Twitter - Brands That Tweet.  These companies are across a wide range of industries, both b2b and b2c. 

Not much representation in the health + healthy lifestyles space:
• GE Healthcare (
• Growing Bolder (
• North Face (
• Planet Green (
• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (
• Travel Channel (
• Triathlete Magazine (
• Whole Foods (
But I think there's good reason for these brands to take advantage of the opportunity to:
• establish a personality beyond that of a faceless institution
• display their transparency
• at least listen in to what people are saying about their brands, 
• if not add to the conversation through valuable content,
• in ways that their audiences value and want


1 comment:

  1. Medifast, a leading portion controlled weight-loss program, is also utilizing social media as we target the female demo. We're on twitter (@MedifastPR), Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to name a few.