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Sunday, February 22, 2009

One simple Social path to health and healthy lifestyles brand energy

As Peter Drucker stated, the purpose of business is not to make a sale, but to make and keep a customer. 
But to keep a customer, you need to understand them. Which requires you to actively listen to what they're talking about and what's important to them, so you can make decisions based on how they really think and feel. So you can ensure your place in their lives. 
Yet we find that listening to customers is often overlooked. It's taken for granted that customer translates into customary. But at a time when everyone is re-evaluating their brand choices, you really should listen. And through the social media tools we all have at our disposal, there's no longer any excuse. The cost is insignificant. The time commitment is not, but if practiced routinely, becomes routine. And the payoff is huge – growing happy customers that you keep. 

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