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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Learning to pull versus push

To push is to press against something or somebody in order to move that object or person. Today, if we push, we will move audiences away from our products and services. On the other hand, if we pull, we are more likely to draw a willing crowd. 
The mass audiences we once advertised to are now splintered into thousands of niche groups demanding personalized marketing (if they agree to receive it at all). Pull, the ability to attract desired audiences, has become a critical method to grow and deepen customer relationships. 
Facilitating the freedom of consumers to engage when and how they want to (to pull them in), will mean the difference between winning and losing in this new environment. Pull tactics include:
• blogging
• podcasting
• webinars
• white papers
• newsletters/e-zines
• on-site content
• experiential events
• mobile
• social networks
• viral video
• games
By surrounding products and services with the communication, community and collaboration opportunities that new technologies provide, brands become more attractive - engaging - and become destinations that consumers value and want on their own terms. 
Failing to adapt to these new realities will mean that you eventually go the way of the dinosaur.   

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