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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Consumers, social media and health + wellness Brands

I recently returned from a client meeting where we had a great discussion about the future of health and wellness brands, changing consumer lifestyles and the increasing rise in the popularity of social media. Key discussion points included:

1. Health/wellness segments continue to merge – food and beverages, supplements, pharmaceutical, fitness, beauty care.

2. Healthier lifestyle practices and motivations are a key driver. And expectations are evolving to an "ultimate health" benefit beyond the physical to include emotional, spiritual and even environmental.

4. Layer on the ability of consumers to connect, share, and control where, when and how they consume their media – and it's clear that the rules of engagement/balance of power has changed.

5. Consider opportunities to deliver innovate and reciprocal benefits that demonstrate genuine interest in helping improve consumers lives, e.g. imparting knowledge and insight (">, building community ("">, and self-expression (

Net, the opportunities for leadership and for creating future business by utilizing the power of digital experiences and social media is limited only by our insights and imagination.

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